Our office serves as a good place to surface, voice, clarify and discuss university-related issues. We help people identify options to resolve disputes, to determine a course of action and to aid in the informal resolution of conflicts and concerns. Ultimately, individuals choose their own path of resolution.

What We Do

Ombuds Office assistance includes:

  • listening to concerns without judgment
  • developing options
  • analyzing options
  • strategizing
  • coaching
  • gathering information about internal and external resources and referrals
  • informing visitors about informal, formal and administrative options for resolving conflicts, complaints, and disputes
  • providing relevant and clarifying information
  • providing mediation and facilitation services, as the ombuds deems appropriate

Services are offered free of charge.

Why Work With Us? How Are We Different from Other Offices?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of an Ombuds Office. We maintain what is shared with us in strictest confidence.  We listen to concerns without judgment, provide an impartial perspective, help people untangle issues, develop options and strategize. Visitors to our office choose their own path of resolution.