Here is some information to help you choose the housing for your exchange term(s) and, if university housing is your choice, to help you apply for this housing. If you are an international exchange student coming to CU Boulder on one of our official exchange programs, the following applies to you:

Exchange student housing choices:

  • University housing in residence halls: Availability of residence hall housing is always very limited at CU, so apply as soon as you receive your acceptance materials. There is no deadline for applying, but rooms are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis and there is no guarantee of campus housing for exchanges. You can find a description of on-campus housing here. (There are only a limited number of single rooms and their cost is higher than for double rooms.)

    Contracts: Please read the residence hall contracts very carefully! If you are here for a full year and sign a residence hall agreement for the full year, you will be held liable to pay the very high cancellation fees, if you decide to move out of in the residence halls after one semester.

  • If you select on-campus residence halls you must purchase a meal plan. On campus residence halls are not self-catered.

NOTE regarding Move-In to residence halls: New International Students may move-in to their residence hall rooms beginning at 10am on Tuesday before the first day of classes. There is an extra charge for room and board for the one day prior to the beginning of the residence hall contract period (normally Wednesday before classes start). Students moving in on Tuesday, will be charged $53.15 for the one extra day.

  • University housing in apartments
    The Bear Creek apartments can be a very good choice for exchange students.  Bear Creek is run by the university and offers many social activities in addition to housing.  Accommodation is in self-catering, ensuite apartments for students who are beyond their first year of university study.  You apply as an individual and will be matched with roommates(s).  Although the normal contract is for 9 or 12 months, if you will only be here for a semester, Bear Creek will allow a contract for the semester only if space allows. You apply online.
  • Off campus housing
    You can find information about off campus housing possibilities here. We strongly recommend that students who wish to live off campus, arrive to find housing 1 - 2 weeks earlier than the date on the immigration document.


  • Advice on housing from former exchange students  
    A good source of information about housing in Boulder can come from former or current exchange students.  Please ask your university's exchange coordinator if they can release contact information for current or former exchange students to you.