Complete the Major/Minor/Certificate Evaluation Request if you plan on taking any classes for your major, minor, or certificate while abroad. Major/Minor/Certificate Forms should be sent to your relevant academic advisor(s). List your academic advisor and their email address below for the department evaluating this course. Not sure who your advisor is? Log into Buff Portal Advising to find your advisor. If you plan to take classes for multiple majors, minors, and/or certificates you should submit the form multiple times, once for each major/minor/certificate.

It's important to know/plan ahead:

  • Research the classes you're submitting for evaluation ahead of time - you can't save your changes and start again later.
  • First, use your program's webpage to determine what classes will be offered when you are abroad, credit amounts, upper- v. lower-division designations, and to access course syllabi/descriptions (these are required components of the form).
    • Then check the Course Approvals List to see if the courses offered are already approved for the credit you need/want. Make sure the course number and title match exactly with what is on the Course Approvals List. If the course number or course title has changed, it's considered a different course, and posted approvals will not apply. 
    • The form has two distinct sections:
      • Section 1: Include approved classes in Section 1 of your Major/Minor/Certificate Evaluation Form to notify your academic advisor about your plans to complete your degree requirements.
      • Section 2: Include classes that have not been previously evaluated for the credit you need. You will need to provide course descriptions/syllabi for any class listed in Section 2 (which can be accessed through your program's webpage)
        • When a course description/syllabus is not in English you must provide an English translation. 
    • If you have other questions, refer to Ed Abroad's Fulfilling Credit Abroad page and connect with your Ed Abroad Program Manager.

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    Student Information:

    Advisor Information (NOT Study Abroad Advisor):

    Not sure who your advisor is? Log into Buff Portal Advising to find your advisor.

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