Submit a Course Planning Form to your primary academic advisor. Note that this form does not initiate any course evaluations, rather it will help inform your academic advisor about your academic plans while you are abroad.

As you are working through both forms, keep in mind the following:

  • Use the Academics Tab of your program page to access your program's courses, credit levels, and credit conversions for coursework taken abroad.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure these classes are offered the term you’re abroad.
  • Use the Course Approvals List to find classes that may already be approved to fulfill your degree requirements
  • Submit the Course Evaluation Request Form if you need to get new class evaluations for major, minor, core, or gen ed evaluations. Do not list already-approved classes.
  • Complete the Course Planning Form in conjunction with any course planning forms that may be required by your program/host university, e.g. a study plan, a pre-registration form, etc. 

Talk to your Education Abroad Program Manager if you have any questions about finding classes on your program, credit conversions, etc. Connect with your academic advisor if you have questions about the kinds of requirements you should be fulfilling while abroad, registration for future terms at CU, etc.