House with a moving truck parked outside

When you move out

Ask your landlord what his/her cleaning expectations are for the rental unit. Some landlords may want a deep cleaning before you move out and some may only require you to sweep the floors. Download a copy of our suggested move-out procedures and make sure you fill out your check-out sheet

Disposing of unwanted items

Recycling options

Check out the Environmental Center website for more resources on how to recycle your used belongings. 

Off-campus recycling resources

Make sure that you properly dispose of any items that you no longer want when you are moving out, especially large items like furniture and electronics. Note that it is illegal to put electronics in the landfill in Colorado. Waste haulers will not collect your trash if there are electronics in your bins. 

Donating unwanted items

Many items that you may be getting rid of can be recycled. Consider the following resources to either recycle, donate or sell your items: 


If you intend to sublet your unit, download a sublease form and consider making an appointment with our attorney, Bruce Sarbaugh, to address any legal concerns you may have.

Security Deposit Repayment

Payment of interest on security deposits is a legal requirement for all properties in the City of Boulder.

When you're ready to move in

When you move into a new apartment, make sure you complete an apartment condition sheet and take photos before you move in your belongings to document the condition of the apartment. Your landlord should provide you with an apartment condition form, but if not, you can use our check-in/check-out sheet. This is the best way to get your security deposit back and prove you didn't cause any damage.

Consider signing a roommate agreement. This is a legal contract that will help you avoid several common disputes in the future.

Set up utilities

  • Cable and/or internet
  • Electricity
  • Check with your landlord about any other utilities that may need to be in your name while living at the property