Student standing with family

Is your student searching for a place to live next year? Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations (OCHNR) is here to help! Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations is a function of CU Student Government that provides services and resources to over 24,000 students living off-campus. The office is the only student-funded on-campus resource designed to help students transition to off-campus living.

We offer:

  • Ralphie’s List - an online apartment and roommate search database that is free for students
  • Office listing of apartment complexes and property management companies - students can stop by our office in the UMC room 313 for an extensive list of properties and contact info
  • Housing fairs and expos - our office holds several fairs each academic year where students can talk to landlords and ask questions about properties
  • Off-campus living orientation and community living class - online classes to familiarize students with city and county ordinances and ways to be a good neighbor and roommate
  • Free lease reviews - Students can sign up for an appointment with our in-office legal advisor to review leases prior to signing
  • Connecting to other services - our office can help point students to other campus and neighborhood resources
  • Housing search support - our office is here to answer questions about looking for housing, local neighborhoods, what to look for in housing, and what questions to ask of landlords
  • Neighborhood Ambassadors - our student staff host events in different neighborhoods to connect students to their community
  • Commuting Buffs - we offer resources and community building led by upper-division student Commuter Peer Mentors for first-year students not living in residence halls

Our goal is to help students reduce the additional stress and anxiety of searching for housing. There can be a perception that there is not enough inventory, so individuals need to start very early to secure housing. Although options will inevitably decrease over the spring semester due to leasing, there will continue to be plenty of options well into the summer for everyone to love where they live.

Co-signing Leases with Your Student

  • A co-signer, or guarantor, signs the lease with the tenant under the assumption they have agreed to fulfill all financial responsibilities and obligations in the event that the tenant fails to pay rent or violates the lease agreement. For most students, a guarantor or co-signer is a family member, relative or very close family friend.
  • Landlords or property managers will ask for qualifying information from a guarantor such as tax records, pay stubs or bank statements to confirm their eligibility to serve as a guarantor. This individual will continue to be responsible for serving as your guarantor until your lease term concludes.
  • Most property managers will require a co-signer or guarantor, but it is possible that your student may find a property that does not.

For more information on living off-campus, students can call us at 303.492.7053, or visit us in UMC 313. Our office also shares regular updates and information via our social media channels on Twitter (@cuoffcampus) and our Facebook page.