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While Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations supports students, we also support our neighbors.

As the weather gets warmer, students are more likely to host gatherings outside. We understand some of those gatherings may disrupt your daily life. Know that Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations (OCHNR) is available to support community members in addressing concerns and mitigating any disruptions.

Resources to strengthen neighbor relationships

  • Neighborhood welcome bags
    • If you are a community member wanting to welcome new students to your community, let us help you make those connections! Welcome bags include information on “How to be a Good Neighbor”, city ordinances, CU off-campus resources, landlord/tenant information and tips, snacks, swag and more. Our office will provide any amount of “Welcome Bags” that you request. Bags are available for pick up or delivery from one of our Neighborhood Ambassadors.
  • Neighborhood grant program
    • Submit a proposal for a community event that will be held in your neighborhood. Events should be open to all residents, students, neighbors and community members associated with your neighborhood. Events could be picnics, BBQs, concerts, pop-up dog parks or anything else you have in mind! We will assist with planning and implementation of the overall event, and will fund the entire program if the proposal is approved.
  • CU Restorative Justice (CURJ)

What to do if your student neighbor is hosting disruptive parties

  • Give OCHNR a call at 303-492-7053 or email us at By letting us know of ongoing situations, we can send a Neighborhood Ambassador, who is a peer mentor, to engage with the tenants on their impact and on how to be a better neighbor. 
  • For those living on the Hill, you can submit complaints through this Boulder Neighbors Support Form. Landlords will also be informed of the complaint if a Hill resident uses that form.
  • If a student gathering off-campus is getting too loud, call Boulder Police to report a noise violation. If officers find that the residents are violating Boulder ordinances by having unreasonable noise, underage drinking, brawling, public urination, littering, etc, they may issue them a nuisance party ticket.
  • Learn about OCHNR’s party registration program, which requires students to take an in-person orientation course on Boulder ordinances.

How OCHNR educates students on being good neighbors

We are regularly engaging with students living off-campus to help ensure they are treating their neighbors with respect. Here are some examples of messages and articles sent to students to educate them on Boulder ordinances:

This information is included in newsletters sent to students, on the Division of Student Affairs’ social media pages, and on door hangers that we hand out before key events and holidays, such as move-in, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and graduation. 

We also conduct ongoing landlord and rental company outreach to give them tools for educating students. This includes a landlord toolkit and letter templates for holidays.

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