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How to Partner with OCHNR

Use the form on the right to get involved with OCHNR in the following ways:

  • Request a presentation
    • We are always ready to present to any population in regard to off-campus living for CU students. Whether you’re an RA looking to educate your floor of students on the housing search, or teach a First Year Experience Course, and want to make sure your students are prepared for off-campus living, we are here to help! We have a long list of presentation topics available, and we would be more than happy to present to your constituents. We’ll even bring FREE food for the group!  
  • Table with us
    • Our office is always looking to partner with any and all Boulder stakeholders in order to directly engage with students living both on and off-campus.  Please reach out to us if you would like to join us for a tabling event, where your organization can share information with our CU community. We are tabling every week in various locations throughout Boulder, and we would love for you to join us!
  • Off-campus housing fairs
    • Connect directly with CU students through our Annual Housing Fairs. Each year our office hosts (3) on-campus housing fairs which create opportunities for students to connect with landlords, property managers, city departments, and various vendors. Connect with us to reserve a space at our next fair in order to engage with 1000+ students, face to face. Typically, our Fairs are held in October, December, and February of each year, but dates are subject to change.
  • Neighborhood grant program
    • Want to host an event in your neighborhood? Let us pay for it! Submit a proposal for a community event that will be held in your neighborhood. Events should be open to all residents, students, neighbors, and community members associated with your neighborhood. Events could look like picnics, BBQs, concerts, pop-up dog parks, or anything else you have in mind! We will assist with planning and implementation of the overall event, and will fund the entire program if the proposal is approved 
  • Neighborhood welcome bags
    • One of the best ways to introduce yourself and meet your neighbors! Whether you’re a student wanting to meet your neighbors, or a neighbor wanting to welcome new students to your community, let us help you make those connections! Welcome bags include information on “How to be a Good Neighbor”, city ordinances, CU off-campus resources, landlord/tenant information and tips, snacks, swag, and more. Our office will provide any amount of “Welcome Bags” that you request. Bags are available for pick up or delivery from one of our Neighborhood Ambassadors.

Neighborhood Associations

Community Resources

Need support?

The Boulder Neighbor Support Form offers a positive channel to share observations from your neighborhood that could benefit from support from CU's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations office. Our focus is to use peer mentorship and community building, instead of sanctioning, to educate our students and open up dialogue to help them be good neighbors in their off-campus communities. 
It is important to note that utilizing this form will not initiate ticketing from Boulder Police or involvement by Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution. It also will not initiate an immediate intervention from Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations. We certainly appreciate our Boulder neighbors using this form as an alternative to channels like police interaction but acknowledge that some off-campus incidents are better suited for the police to handle. The Boulder Police can be reached for non-emergencies at 303-441-3333.

Boulder Neighbor Support Form