CU Resources

Office of Victim Assistance

The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) provides free and confidential information, consultation, support, advocacy and short-term counseling services to University of Colorado Boulder students, graduate students, faculty and staff who have experienced a traumatic, disturbing or life disruptive event. OVA is not the office that investigates or adjudicates cases.  

Ombuds Office

While Community Mediation Services can also mediate roommate issues, the Ombuds Office at CU offers mediation for disputes between roommates, friends, faculty, or other students.  In addition, the Ombuds Office offers information on resources for all types of assistance to students, including counseling.  If your dispute is more of a personal issue rather than a legal issue, you may consider contacting the CU Ombuds Office.

Boulder Resources

Boulder Community Mediation Services

The City of Boulder offers free mediation services for most landlord/tenant disputes.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution through which both parties in a dispute can present and argue their respective positions.  It is the job of the mediator to try and get the parties to reach a mutual agreement that resolves their disputes. 

Mediation is a voluntary process and both parties must agree to attend mediation.  If either party refuses to mediate, Community Mediation Services will not accept the case. Visit the City of Boulder's website to read more about Community Mediation Services.

Small Claims Court

The Boulder Small Claims court is a division of the Boulder County Court and is limited to civil lawsuits that are $7,500 or less.  Small Claims Court is designed to provide an expedient, more informal judicial proceeding to resolve relatively minor civil claims.  While Small Claims Court is much faster than other courts, you will not be able to have an attorney represent you, so you’ll be on your own. 

Our in-house attorney can give you information about filling out the appropriate forms and help guide you through the process.

Consumer Advocate Resources

If you’re having a problem with your landlord, management company, or other business, the Better Business Bureau and/or the Boulder Chamber of Commerce could be a good resource.  While a lot of private individuals who are landlords may not participate in either the BBB or the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, there is still a lot of good consumer advocate information here.