All University equipment must have a CU tag prior to going off-campus. If the equipment is not tagged, contact the Property Accounting Office to obtain a tag.

You will need the correct Property Code for your department to complete this form. Propery code for your department may be looked up in the Property Code Listing.

Select all that apply.

STOP! Since the equipment will not be leaving the USA, be off campus for more than 30 days, and is not being loaned to a non-CU entity, an Off-Campus Equipment Agreement is not required at this time. If any of these conditions change, you will be routed to DocuSign to complete the Off-Campus Equipment Agreement request.

If you have additional questions regarding University property, contact the Property Accounting Office.

If you have questions regarding equipment on sponsored projects, contact OCG Property.

Click on Submit to proceed to the Off-Campus Equipment Agreement form in DocuSign.

Returning Equipment to Campus?

If you are returning equipment to campus, please contact Property Services and provide the date of return and the location on campus.