Who can compete in the CU Boulder New Venture Challenge?

​Anyone with a CU Boulder Buff OneCard may compete in the New Venture Challenge, including students, faculty, and staff. Members of the non-CU community may join a team, as long as at least one member of the team has a CU Boulder Buff OneCard AND a significant role in the business creation.

Can my team/business/idea compete in NVC12 if I’ve already competed in a prior NVC?

If your team competed in the CU Boulder New Venture Challenge Championships and won money, or if your team placed first or second in the Track Finals and won money, then you may only compete again if it is a new idea.  If you have any questions please contact us at cunvc@colorado.edu, as it is better to clarify than to miss the opportunity to participate.

As a competitor, how do I prepare for NVC?

To prepare for the CU Boulder New Venture Challenge register your team for NVC. You should then attend NVC events and workshops, which will help you grow your business, work on your pitch and connect you with the CU Boulder entrepreneurial community. NVC events also span both the fall and spring semesters.

See the upcoming NVC events here.

What events are required to participate in NVC?

To win cash prizes, It is mandatory for teams to compete in Round 1 which will take place in February. If chosen to move forward, they will then compete in Round 2. The winning teams from each Track will then move on to compete at the NVC 12 Championships on April 7.

While other NVC events and workshops throughout the semester are not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that teams attend as many as possible to grow their business, work on their pitch and connect with the CU Boulder entrepreneurial community. All NVC events are are open to everyone. 

I want to start or join a team. How do I find teammates and mentors?

Attend NVC events! You will be connected with teams and mentors who will help you develop your entrepreneurial skills and turn your idea into a reality. You can also email your Track leaders or email us at cunvc@colorado.edu to get connected with mentors who would be a good fit for you and your business.

What does the NVC Championships entail?

The top teams from each of the tracks in the CU Boulder New Venture Challenge will be invited to present their business ideas at the CU Boulder NVC12 Championships on April 7, 2020.

The six teams will be invited to:

  1. Present to a live audience and panel of judges for five minutes, followed by five minutes of Q&A.
  2. Attend a reception.
  3. Be present for the awards announcement following the pitch presentation.
Can I add team members after I have registered?

Yes, we encourage individuals to find team members through our NVC events and beyond to find your team to help make your idea happen.