“I never thought I could take my little idea and do something with it.” NVC finalist, BA in Music

introducing the nvcThe CU Boulder New Venture Challenge is the go-to program for aspiring entrepreneurs. Participants represent majors and departments from across the university. From undergraduates to graduates, PhD candidates to postdocs, and faculty to staff, everyone is invited to come watch and support or actually pitch their idea.

For 10 years, the NVC has been CU Boulder’s entrepreneurial “flight simulator,” giving teams the chance to build a startup and gain outstanding support and mentorship.  With a world-class community of entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses in our backyard, Boulder is one of the best places to launch ideas because it resides at the intersection of a top research university, an internationally recognized startup community, and one of the nation’s best cities in which to live.

The NVC is divided into “tracks” which include: General, Information Technology, Research & Development, and Performing Arts. Track finalists receive award money as well as the NVC champion, plus there are two additional prizes. The Social Impact Prize encourages teams to focus on social and environmental responsibility, and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Prize encourages and promotes female entrepreneurs.

Ready to take the first step in getting involved with the NVC? Join the community today or contact us at cunvc@colorado.edu to learn more.