As the CU Boulder New Venture Challenge enters its 13th year, we are proud to honor the past winners of the NVC. If you are a winner and would like to provide contact information here, or if you would like to request more information about past winners, please contact us at

2020 NVC 12 Winners

First Place: Darwin Biosciences - $30,000 + $25,000 investment offer 

Second Place: DocForge - $22,500 + $25,000 investment offer

Third Place: Mycobacteria Therapeutics -  $15,000

Fourth Place: EdBoard - $12,500 + $5,000 purchase order from Dan & Cindy Caruso

Fifth Place (Tie): Soulutions Tech - $10,000

Fifth Place (Tie): Frenz - $10,000

Congratulations to all NVC 12 Finalists and Prize Winners!

Women's Entrepreneurship Prize:

  • 1st Place: Simovations - $5,000
  • 2nd Place: Elevated Eats - $2,000
  • 3rd Place: EdBoard - $1,000

Social Impact Prize: 

  • 1st Place: TerraWear - $5,000
  • 2nd Place: Frenz - $2,000
  • 3rd Place: EmergenTek - $1,000

Sustainability Prize: FED - $2,500

Audience Choice Award: CathPort - $1,000

2019 NVC 11 Winners

First Place: Stride Tech - $100,000

Second Place: Button Huggie - $45,000

Third Place: TissueForm - $12,500

Fourth Place: Bright Wearables - $10,000

Fifth Place: - $7,500

Sixth Place: KartWheel - $5,000

Congratulations to all NVC 11 Track and Prize Winners!

IT Track:

Hardware Track: Stride Tech

General Track: KartWheel

Creative Industries Track: Bright Wearables

R&D Track: TissueForm

Women's Entrepreneurship Prize: TissueForm

Social Impact Prize: Volta Irrigation

Audience Choice Award: Gaia Glam

2018 NVC 10 Winners

First Place: Specdrums - $75,000

Second Place: HASEL Artificial Muscles (now Artimus Robotics) - $25,000

Third Place: BeautiBook - $5,000

Fourth Place: Statehill - $3,000 

Fifth Place: Cannabis Marketing Association  - $2,000

Congratulations to all NVC 10 Track and Prize Winners!

IT Track: BeautiBook

General Track: Specdrums

Creative Industries Track: Cannabis Marketing Association  

R&D Track: HASEL Artificial Muscles (now Artimus Robotics)

Women's Entrepreneurship Prize: Norma

Social Impact Prize: Veganarke

Audience Choice Award: Norma

2017 NVC 9 Winners

First Place: Give & Go - $64,000

Second Place: ReForm - $21,500

Third Place: Gigsicians - $9,000 (includes $5,000 personal award from judge Jason Mendelson)

Fourth Place (tie): PerfectFit and The Bedtime Box - $1,000 each

Congratulations to all NVC 9 Track and Prize Winners!

IT Track: PerfectFit

General Track: The Bedtime Box

Performing Arts Track: Gigsicians

R&D Track: ReForm

Women's Entrepreneurship Prize: ReForm

Social Impact Prize: ReForm

Audience Choice Award: ReForm

2016 NVC 8 Winners

First Place: Hive Tech Solutions

Second Place: Grownetics

Third Place: The Space Research Company

Runners Up: Sing It Forward & Outloud!

Congratulations to all NVC 8 Track and Prize Winners!

I/T Track : Grownetics

R/D Track: The Space Research Company

General Track: Hive Tech Solutions

Social Impact Prize: The Space Research Company

Women’s Entrepreneurship Prize: Hive Tech Solutions

Newcomer of the Year Award: Off the Wall Language

Collapse the Campus Award: ReVision

Rising Star Award: Qualify

2015 NVC 7 Winners

First Place: Revolar 

Second Place: NuBru Coffee

Third Place: Blue Star Medical Devices

Runners Up: Antigua Brewing Co. & Tenor (now: Institute for Adaptive Mastery)

Congratulations to all NVC 7 Track and Prize Winners!

I/T Track: (1) Revolar, (2) Tenor (now: Institute for Adaptive Mastery), (3) 401K Fantasy, (4) The Shame Lady

R/D Track: (1) Blue Star Medical Devices, (2) NuBru Coffee, (3) The Space Research Co. 

Social Impact Award: (1) Revolar, (2) Antigua Brewing Co.

2014 NVC 6 Winners

First Place (tie): Malleable Medical Tech (Mallinda) and Varsity (now Pana) - $10,000 each

Third Place: NeuroPractice - $1,000

Runners Up: Wakeio and Agribotix

Congratulations to all NVC 6 Track and Prize Winners!

Mobile App Track: (1) Wakeio, (2) Cue, (3) Riffle

General Track Champion: Malleable Medical Technologies (Mallinda)

IT Track Champion: Varsity (now: Pana)

Cleantech Track Winner: Agribotix

2013 NVC 5 Winners

First Place (tie): Boom Algae (formerly, Superior EcoTech) and TeacherMaps 

Congratulations to all NVC 5 Track and Prize Winners!

Social Impact Champion: Second Family

Wild Card: TuTaxi

Music Track Champion: Piano Plus

General Business Champion: SnowGate

Cleantech Champion: Boom Algae (formerly, Superior EcoTech)

IT Champion: TeacherMaps

2012 NVC 4 Winners

First Place: – $4,000

Second Place:  Urban Farm Company – $2,000

Third Place: Rebound Technology – $2,000

Congratulations to all NVC 4 Track and Prize Winners!

Audience Choice Prize: rideorama

Cleantech Champions: Thrive Energy

Social Impact Champions: Urban Farm Company

Music Champions: Ensemble Pearl

General Champions: Mobius Creations

IT Champions:

2011 NVC 3 Winners

First Place: Green Truck – $7,000

Second Place: CleanPlate – $3,000

Third Place: L’Esperance – $2,000

2010 NVC 2 Winners

First Place: Streat Chefs – $6,000 

Second Place: Jobsite – $3,000

Third Place: Dymotion – $2,000  

Congratulations to all NVC 2 Track and Prize Winners!

Judges Choice Prize: Rwanda Rocket Stoves – $250      

College of Music Prize: Boulder Brass Band  – $3,500     

2009 NVC 1 Winners

First Place: Knova Learning

Second Place: 3QMatrix

Third Place: Fetcht

Congratulations to all NVC 1 Track and Prize Winners!

Computer Science Award: TechoShark, Inc.

Honorable Mention CS Award: Ap.igy

Most Innovative: Conifer Quantum Technology