The Presidents Leadership Class is a four-year, leadership development program for outstanding undergraduates at the University of Colorado Boulder.  It is a comprehensive program combining both academic and experiential curricula to expose students to leadership lessons on many different levels.

PLC prides itself by graduating students that:

  • Are outstanding in their field of academic study and leadership there within
  • Know when and how to act professionally, and are ready to start a career in any field when they leave the university.
  • Can think critically about complex issues and imagine practical and sustainable solutions.
  • Can research topics, analyze information, and synthesize uniquely, individual opinions.
  • Are not afraid to be creative in approaching problems and when coming up with solutions either one their own or in a group of peers.
  • Will daringly implement ideas with a willingness to fail, revise, and try again until a solution becomes evident.
  • Will act with integrity for themselves, the program, and those in their community at all times.
  • Demonstrate a strong ethical foundation from which their decisions are made.
  • Cherish a strong community made up of talented and motivated individuals.
  • Inspire one another to push boundaries and take chances to make real change in the world.

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