CU BrainBLoX

We have developed a user friendly interface for viewing and recording center of pressure (CoP) data in real-time from a Wii Balance Board. It is a standalone executable that will work on Windows XP and later (We have tested up until Windows 10). All you need is a Nintendo Wii Balance Board, a Windows PC running Windows XP or later, and our CU BrainBLoX software.

Download CU BrainBLoX

BrainBLoX Documentation

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Cooper J, Siegfried K, Ahmed AA (2014) BrainBLoX: Brain and Biomechanics Lab in a Box Software (Version 1.0) [Software]. Available from:

We also have an older software that runs in MATLAB (but is rather outdated). It uses the WiiLab patch that includes balance board support. Read more about the Wii Project. System requirements: Windows XP & MATLAB R2007a

Download CU_WiiBB Folder from DropBox

Here are a couple of screencasts about our MATLAB code for collecting data from a Wii balance board. Check them out.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants SES 1230933, CMMI 1200830, and CAREER SES 1352632.

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