Published: July 29, 2021 By

Ivan Smalyukh in blue shirt
Professor Ivan Smalyukh

Professor Ivan Smalyukh is one of the winners of the 2021 Langmuir Lectureship Award for his innovative work in the colloid and surface chemistry fields. Smalyukh will deliver a special presentation at the 2021 ACS Fall National Meeting, as will Professor Deborah Leckband of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, who also earned the honor.

“My presentation at the ACS fall meeting will focus on highly thermally insulating porous materials that are also highly transparent and, thus, suitable for a large variety of applications where thermal superinsulation and high transparency are needed at the same time, including windows, skylights, greenhouses and so on,” Smalyukh said. “It will discuss how such materials can boost the energy efficiency of buildings—especially windows—which are currently responsible for the consumption of about 40% of all energy generated in the United States.”

Smalyukh’s materials work is an interdisciplinary mix of engineering, physics and chemistry research to address fundamental and application challenges in colloids and surface science.

He cited many students who worked with him through the Materials Science and Engineering program as key contributors to his materials research, including Qiaoxuan Zhang—the first student to graduate from the program with a master’s degree—Haley Sohn and Ghadah Sheetah—the first PhD graduates—Rao Fei, Allister Frazier, Joshua De La Cruz, Rayshan Visvanathan, Pedro Melo and Changda Darren Liu.

“I would like to thank the ACS selection committee, as well as my team members and collaborators with whom I have enjoyed working on colloid and surface science projects over the years,” Smalyukh said. “Just over the last 14 years since my arrival at CU Boulder, my team included about 150 PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate researchers and visiting scholars. This award would not be possible without the collaborative contributions of all of these  team members.”

The 2021 ACS Fall Meeting will take place Aug. 22-26 in Atlanta.