We invite K-12 students and their families, station users, and the general public to explore our three self-guided interpretive trails.  Free visitor parking is allowed at the main entrance.  Trails are short - roughly 1/4 to 1/3 mile long and have interpretive signs in key areas on the trail.  It is best to visit June - October, during winter months only trail #3 is easily found!  Organized K-12 school outings should contact the Station Manager in advance. 

Trail 1: Como Creek Riparian Zone - Learn about forest diversity, hydrology & aquatic ecology, geomorphic setting & watershed.

Trail 2: Subalpine Forest - Learn about our dynamic forests, biological interactions, mammals, and learn about mammal tracks and scat.

Trail 3: Research at the MRS. - Learn about environmental monitoring, long-term data sets collected at Niwot Ridge, and the history of monitoring at Niwot Ridge.

Click HERE to see all of the interpretive signs on each trail.

interpretive trails sign



track and scat board


research loop


weather station