Official University Keys have an individual serial number and are assigned and tracked according to one name.  The person that is assigned a key in their name is responsible for returning it prior to leaving the department.  If the PI approves of a key transfer, again, it is the responsibility of the person who was assigned the key to notify the building manager of the desire and PI's approval to transfer that key to a specific person. 

Keys should not be loaned out or left unsecured.  Misplaced keys are still the responsibility of the indivdual that checked them out to resolve with Access Services before leaving the department.  In rare cases, fines could be assessed to cover the cost of re-keying doors with keys that cannot be accounted for.

Upon request, key holder reports can be generated by name, which lists all keys currently assigned to them.  Before leaving the department, a keyholder's PI/Supervisor should request a key report for that person and make sure the keys get returned and that they are given a receipt by Access Services for the returned key(s).

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