Published: Aug. 24, 2023
A slice of rna flyer.

Tuesday, September 19th in JSCBB E125, the Colorado RNA Club invites you to join them for "A Slice of RNA". Pizza will be served starting at 12:45pm, followed at 1:30pm by three seminars speakers:

  • Divya Kolakada (Jagannathan Lab, Anschutz), "Stop codon sequence context affects the efficiency of nonsense mediated mRNA decay"
  • Autumn Matthews (Whiteley Lab, Boulder), "Exploring the RNA World: Investigating Activities of an RNA Binding Virus-Like Protein"
  • Francesca De Bortoli, PhD (R. Zhao Lab, Anschutz), "Increased versatility despite lower molecular complexity: PRPF39, a novel alternative splicing factor"

Please let us know your planning on attending (head count for pizza and bus transport from Anschutz).

Hosted by the Colorado RNA Club in collaboration with the RNA Bioscience Initiative at CU Anschutz. Join us monthly to learn about RNA, eat pizza, and expand your professional network!