Published: Jan. 31, 2020
Our department now has a fluorescence, inverted Olympus IX83 microscope system. If you think it would be useful for your research, please send me an email so we can set up training and get you started!
The Olympus IX83 system could help you with the following:
  • Live cell/time-lapse imaging, both traditional 2D and newer 3D/organoid culture systems. It includes an on-stage incubator system, controlling CO2, humidity, and temperature. With a motorized x, y, and z stage, it is able to near-simultaneously image multiple wells/large areas over time (with z-stacking) in a very flexible manner using complex programming algorithms. Automated image-stitching of large areas. It is compatible with glass slides, plastic TC plates, and other materials, making it flexible with live cells.
  • High-throughput/slide-scanning microscopy: It contains a multi-slide holder to map and image four slides in one automated imaging session in high-definition with automated image-stitching. Ideal for applications such as imaging lots of animal/tissue/embryo sections. 
  • Z-stacking: Motorized z-stage enables automated z-stacking, and this can be combined with motorized x,y-stage for z-stacking of multiple locations.
  • Wide-field: High-definition imaging of large structures (such as mouse embryos and large organoids) in a single image, with the option of 2X magnification; near-stereoscopic. In color, too!
  • Fluorescence, phase contrast, and color imaging: This system can capture fluorescence, color, bright-field, and phase contrast images.
Please shoot me an email if you're interested in using the Olympus IX83 system or have questions! This microscope is housed in the Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center but is open to all.