Published: Dec. 5, 2015
Professor Jonathan Van Blerkom

Just recently in November, Dr. Jonathan Van Blerkom was awarded the Robert G. Edwards Prize Paper Award by Reproductive BioMedicine Online for the best paper published in the journal in 2014. This is an extraordinary accolade in a very competitive field.

The paper entitled, “First births with a simplified culture system for clinical IVF and embryo transfer”, offers an exciting perspective into the simplified IVF system that won “Best of What’s New Award” from Popular Science magazine in 2014 in the health category. This study overall reports the results from a pilot clinical trial using the simplified laboratory method for human IVF. The methodology and results are discussed with regard to how this simplified system can be adopted worldwide to meet the growing need for accessible and affordable IVF.

The link to the winning article is provided below:

Also here is a link to the original article about the low cost IVF system as published by the CU News Center:

It’s always exciting to see ground breaking scientific advancements like these representing CU Boulder both nationally and on a global stage. Overall, it embraces what science (in its purest state) is meant to represent ‐ the improvement of lives.