Supervisor:  Dr. Katherine Stange

Timeline:  Students will work 5 hrs/week during Spring 2019.  Course credit is available.

Students:  A team of 4 students.


The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences catalogues hundreds of thousands of integer sequences, and has been cited in thousands of research papers.  The goal of this project is to discover new methods of visualization and exploration for integer sequences, which will allow citizen-scientist explorations of the OEIS.  We will draw inspiration from new methods of data visualization for the sciences, among others.  This project will continue work begun by the Fall 2018 team.

Application:  Due December 17th for Spring 2019.  We are seeking applicants with both technical skills and mathematical/statistical skills.  Math 2001 is a pre-requisite.  An application consists of:

  • a personal statement about how your skills and interests fit the project, including any ideas you may have about integer sequence exploration
  • a brief easily readable CV showing:
    • math/stats classes taken (with grades)
    • programming and computer skills/experience (include links if applicable)
    • design/art/making skills/experience (include links if applicable)
    • teamwork/leadership/outreach experience
  • a statement of your scheduling availability during Fall 2018 (basic weekly schedule if known; credit hour load and other job hour load)
  • please attach your transcript

Please email these materials to with subject line including the term "VIS-INT-2".


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