From students conisdering attending CU-Boulder

How do I apply to CU-Boulder?

For full information on application policies and procedures, please visit

If I want to be a Math major, which college should I apply for?

The Department of Mathematics offers a BA in mathematics through the College of Arts & Sciences.  On this site, all information on relating to completing a Math major refers to the BA through Arts & Sciences.

There is also a Department of Applied Mathematics, which offers a BS in mathematics through the College of Engineering.  For further information on Applied Math programs, please visit the Applied Math web site.

Does the Math Department accept AP Calculus for credit?

Yes, if the student has scored well enough.  For current guidelines on score requirements for credit, please see the current University of Colorado catalog.

Does the Math Department accept mathematics classes from other schools?

Yes, some credits from other schools can be counted as mathematics coursework for CU-Boulder.  Transfer courses are first evaluated by the University of Colorado Admissions Office, and then by the College.  The process takes time, and does not begin until after a student has been accepted into CU and final transcripts from the other institutions have been received.

Can I major in Statistics?

There is no major in statistics at CU-Boulder.  However, students majoring in Math can tailor their programs to suit their interests.  So, a Math major could choose to focus on statistics.  Students who are interested in statistics might also be interested in the Actuarial Studies Program.

Can I major in Math Education?

There are no undergraduate majors in Education offered at CU-Boulder.  However, undergraduates can work towards licensure in either Elementary or Secondary Education while completing their bachelors degrees.  The licensure programs are run by the School of Education.

There is a Math major Secondary Education track, which is designed for students who are following the School of Education licensure program for Secondary Education in Mathematics.

From students already attending CU-Boulder

What Math courses should I take to start out?

All Math majors and minors must complete two semesters of Calculus (either MATH 1300 & 2300 or APPM 1350 & 1360).  A third semester of Calculus (either MATH 2400 or APPM 2350) is required of the majority of Math majors and minors, and is strongly suggested for all.

MATH 2001 (Discrete Math) is required of all Math majors, and is strongly suggested for Math minors. 

All Math majors and minors must also complete MATH 3130, Introduction to Linear Algebra.  Calculus 2 is a prerequisite for MATH 3130.

I took APPM 2360 (or APPM 3310); can I use it for the Linear Algebra requirement?

No. The requirement is MATH 2130 (minors) or MATH 2135 (majors or minors).

Are Math majors exempted from any A&S Core requirements?

No.  However, the Calculus courses required for the major will fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

Do Math classes fulfill any A&S Core requirements?

Any MATH class numbered 1300 or above will fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement.