welcome screen for numberscope tool


Breandan Heaney

Steven Hristopoulos

Liam Mulhall

Supervisor:  Dr. Katherine Stange


Numberscope is an online tool, designed for researchers, hobbyists and artists, to visualize integer sequences.  Integer sequences arise in all areas of mathematics and science, and they can have all sorts of interesting properties:  factorization properties, statistical properties, even fractal self-similarity.  These properties lend themselves to visualization.  In Numberscope, one can combine a favourite integer sequence (say, chosen from the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences), with ready-made interactive visualization tools.  The Numberscope platform is currently being developed, and the team will serve two purposes:  (1) to explore mathematics through computer illustration and experimentation, and (2) to provide user experience on the tool and help improve it.  Each participating student will choose a research question that can be explored through the tool and their own programming, and aim to conjecture new patterns and prove them.


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