Josh Grochow
Assistant Professor of Computer Science • Ph. D. University of Chicago, 2012

Research interests:

Theoretical computer science, group theory, representation theory, algebraic geometry


My research has two main thrusts (with deep underlying relations beneath):

  1. Interactions between theoretical computer science and mathematics (particularly algebraic geometry, representation theory, and group theory). In particular, this currently involves studying orbit closures of algebraic groups, using representations of finite groups and additive combinatorics to study algorithms for matrix multiplication, and studying representation theory and group cohomology in the context of algorithms for finite group (and graph, and other structures) isomorphism.
  2. Developing the rigorous mathematical theory of complex systems and complex networks, and applying this theory with my collaborators in a variety of fields, such as ecology, evolutionary biology, economics, climate, and beyond. I'm always looking for new problems that need new theory!

Select Publications: