Triangles in a square

A Gallery of Theorems

Supervisor:  Dr. Sarah Petersen 

Timeline:  Students will work 5 hrs/week during Spring 2024 semester and can choose to either be paid for their work or earn up to 2 hours of academic credit. 

Description: Students will study theorems and work to represent the key concepts using artistic mediums of their choice. Exact choice of mathematical content and artistic mediums will be guided by students' areas of interest, but could include painting, drawing, animations, comics, video, dance, and/or music. The artistic products produced will contribute to dual goals of visualization and outreach, making more abstract mathematical concepts accessible to be experienced through art, similar to how one can experience an abstract idea in a museum by simply walking by and observing. Depending on what is produced, we will look for suitable outreach and display venues to engage with the local community both on and off campus. 

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to email Dr. Petersen at

Application:  Due Tuesday January 17, 2024.  We are seeking applicants with both mathematical skills and artistic interests. Math 2001 is a pre-requisite.  An application consists of:

  • a personal statement about how your skills and interests fit the project, including what mathematical topics you’re most interested in studying and what artistic mediums you’d like to explore using

  • a brief easily readable CV showing:

    • math/stats classes taken (with grades)

    • design/art/making skills/experience (include links if applicable)

    • teamwork/leadership/outreach experience

  • a statement of your scheduling availability during Spring 2024 (basic weekly schedule if known; credit hour load and other job hour load)

  • please attach your transcript

Please email these materials to with subject line including the term "Math Lab Gallery".