What are internships/companies looking for in the 21century?

A strong mathematical background will help dominate the conversation. But it will also help picking up coding languages and domain knowledge. The skills required for these roles include knowing some implementation in Python or Java (and Matlab and C++ are often a plus). The vast majority of employers prefer that you have these skills at the time of application.

Network, network, network. Really?

Industry (non-academic) employers are typically looking for someone who can communicate to their team. And it all begins with finding connections in your chosen area. Take advantage of alumni networks, friends of friends, and social networks such as LinkedIn, CU Boulder Handshake, (and even Facebook) can introduce you to new contacts.  You just need one person to take a chance on you; it is up to you to find that person. 

What if I don't feel prepared enough or not get accepted for an internship?

You must contact CU Boulder Career Services and take advantage of their knowledge and skills.

Are there non-profits to consider?

Almost all private and public universities (.edu) are non-profit, since even though they charge you tuition, they spend the money you give them on educating you.

On the other hand, business are mostly for-profit organization (.com) since they are generating a profit, where the owners can decide to keep all the profit or spend some on the business itself. The last option is a non-profit organization (.org) that exists to provide a service to the community or further a social cause; it is organized under rules that forbid the distribution of profits to owners.

You can find internships and resourses within these sites:

  1. Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action connects individuals in the sector who are interested in research.
  2. International Society for Third-Sector Research promotes research and education for the nonprofit sector.

Also a great summer opportunity is the Data Science for the Social Good, started at UChicago in 2013.

What is the Math Club mailing list, and how do I join?

If you are a declared Math major or minor, you should automatically be on our mailing list.  (You can always unsubscribe if you pick another major.) You can also sign up here. We will use this list to let you know about math club talks, opportunities for research opportunities and internships, and other important information for the motivated major.