Kempner Mathematics Colloquium

The Kempner Colloquium was initiated in 1963 in honor of Professor Aubrey J. Kempner who served as head of the Mathematics Department from 1925 until his retirement in 1949.  Professor Kempner gave the inaugural lecture, speaking on "Reminiscences of the University of Goettingen" where he received a Ph.D. degree under Edmund Landau in 1911.  Kempner continued to take an active interest in the department until his death in 1973.

The Kempner Colloquium Endowment (currently $50,000) was established in 1995 by gifts from faculty and alumni, including a major gift of $25,000 from Dr. William J. LeVeque (B.A. 1944) which was intended to perpetuate the memory of the CU professor who greatly influenced LeVeque's life and career.  The endowment pays for travel and honoraria for colloquium speakers.  The weekly Kempner Colloquium on topics of broad mathematical interest is essential to maintain a vibrant learning environment for faculty, students and visitors.