Who we are

The Experimental Mathematics Lab at CU Boulder is a mathematical community and administrative umbrella for mathematical and pedagogical research projects involving faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.  We have a focus on:

  • experimental mathematics (generating and exploring data and conjecture)
  • exploration with technology (computers, 3d printers and laser cutters, etc.)
  • pedagogical experimentation
  • outreach to the community

We aim to provide creative, experimental research experiences for students of all levels.  There are many sides to research, including the generation and exploration of experimental data, visualization and illustration of data spaces, and proof writing.  Many of these aspects are accessible to students just beginning their mathematical journeys.

What we do

The lab aims to facilitate such research projects by:

  • providing an encouraging, inclusive community
  • providing administrative assistance in forming research groups (e.g. aiding faculty and students to find each other and obtain funding)
  • providing access to technology (space, software, 3d printers and laser cutters)
  • providing outreach contacts (we encourage the inclusion of an outreach component)
  • providing research support for the presentation of research (e.g. posters and presentations)

Thank you

Our partners and supporters:


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