Published: Nov. 3, 2023
Robin Deeley
Robin Deeley was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and was granted tenure. Deeley specializes in index theory and dynamical systems, and came to our department in 2017 as an assistant professor.
He also won a three-year National Foundation Science Fellowship entitled: “C*-algebras associated to minimal and hyperbolic dynamical systems" starting August 2023. This supports Dr. Deeley's research on invariants used to study and classify highly abstract objects. The key properties of a useful invariant are that it is computable and distinguishes many different objects. For dynamical systems, an important class of mathematical objects, the construction of invariants can be very involved. Dr. Deeley will use this NSF funding to study invariants of dynamical systems defined via abstract operator algebras and K-theory. The project will also involve significant contributions from early-career researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students, who will benefit from training through research involvement.