Published: Aug. 21, 2023
Postdocs of 2023

The Math Department welcomes our new PostDocs in Fall 2023:

Justin Barhite received his PhD from the University of Kentucky in 2023 under the direction of Kate Ponto. His research interests are generalizations of the trace of a square matrix using the language of category theory. He is also interested in exploring nontraditional grading schemes such as specifications-based grading and standards-based grading.


Jack Dalton received his PhD at the University of South Carolina in 2023 under the direction of Ognian Trifonov. His math research interests lie in number theory, and his teaching philosophy aligns well with constructivism. While at USC, he also worked on some pedagogical research projects under Sean Yee about problem-based learning and their graduate student peer-mentor program.


Alonso Delfín is originally from Mexico City. He recently earned his PhD from the University of Oregon where he worked under the supervision of N. Christopher Phillips. His current research is on modules over algebras of operators acting on Banach spaces, with a particular focus on L^p spaces.

Nhan Nguyen earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Virginia in 2023 under the supervision of Yen Do. His research covers various fields, including Probability theory and stochastic processes, Real functions, Integral transforms, operational calculus,  Functional analysis, Partial differential equations, and Operator theory.