The University of Colorado Boulder’s transportation system will serve the education and research missions of the university by seamlessly connecting people and goods moving by all modes to, across, through and between all CU Boulder properties. Users who experience the transportation system will find accessing the campus both easy and intuitive. The transportation system will be safe, sustainable, affordable, resilient, innovative and well-maintained while also complementing the CU Boulder aesthetic.


  1. A safe transportation system achieved through design, policy and culture.
  2. A sustainable transportation system that helps meet the university’s climate commitment.
  3. A transportation system that equitably provides mobility and access to the university’s diverse body of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  4. A transportation system that respects fiscal and space constraints in serving growing demand for travel to and between campus destinations, coordinated with the Campus Master Plan.
  5. A transportation system that complements the renowned campus aesthetic.
  6. A transportation system that is nimble and resilient to reasonably foreseeable disruptive forces in technology.