Gif of Microscope Morphing into Point Spread Function

A vintage microscope morphing to an objective lens, and then a theoretical point spread function.

The Light Microscopy Core Facility (LMCF) was established in early 2011 in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. The LMCF is located at the heart of campus, in Porter Biosciences, rooms B047, B049, B051 and B056. We are an open access facility and member of the CU Shared Resources network. We serve CU Boulder, broader academia, and the biotechnology industry. We are a resource beyond the microscopes. Our goal is to help advance the mission of the University of Colorado Boulder - to set a new standard in education, research, scholarship, and creative work.

We pride ourselves in helping users obtain the highest quality data. We feel it is critical to provide advice on experimental design, which type of microscopy is best suited to your needs, trouble shooting of sample preparation, and to help develop and implement novel approaches and data analysis methods.


Provided with your core experience as needed:

  • Microscope-specific training, from basic to the advanced
  • Broad knowledge and experience about using microscopy and fluorescence
  • Instruction on sample preparation, experimental design and work-flow
  • Advice on image processing and image analysis
  • Novel insight into trouble-shooting and work arounds
  • Access to seminars, webinars, and other educational content