Checkout Process

  • If you are a first-year student, complete the First-Year Release Petition* and receive approval of release.
  • Complete the Pre-Checkout Form on the MyCULiving portal and select your departure date. 
  • Pack your belongings and ensure your space is clean and in the condition it was upon move-in. Don’t forget your bike. 
  • On your departure date, remove all of your items from the space and ensure the room door is locked.
  • Go to the Community Center desk to complete checkout processes, including deactivating your Buff OneCard. 
  • Return your mail key to the UPS store and submit a forwarding address.
  • Depart campus and have safe travels.

Failure to complete these steps may result in your contract not being terminated and continued financial responsibility for your campus housing assignment.

Cancellation Charge Information

  • Early termination charges apply, including for first-year students released from the live-on requirement.
  • Please refer to the Housing Contract Section 11, Termination by the Student for cancellation charge information.
  • Feel free to reach out to University Housing if you have questions, via email at, or via phone at  303-492-6673.

First-Year Release Petition

The University requires that all students admitted as first-year freshmen live in a university residence hall for two academic semesters (not including the Summer term). A first-year student who wishes to move off campus but remain a CU Boulder student must complete the First-Year Release Petition process and receive a written approval of release from the First-Year Live-On Requirement through the Housing Petition Committee prior to completing the Pre-Checkout Form and departing from the residence halls. The Freshman Release Petition process can be started by logging into the MyCULiving portal and submitting the form found in the top gold bar. For questions, please reach out to University Housing at or 303-492-6673