Honors RAP is a challenging, supportive, and inclusive co-educational living-learning community open to honors-qualified students. By becoming part of the Honors RAP community, you will surround yourself with other bright, highly motivated students, enjoy small seminar-style classes, and have the opportunity to work closely with Honors faculty. Through its classes and its extra-curricular activities, Honors RAP integrates the diverse disciplines of the College of Arts and Sciences with the opportunities and challenges of real-world experiences. In short, we aspire to offer the best educational experience possible to qualified CU undergraduates. 

Incoming 1st-year honors-qualified students receive a Welcome Letter from the A&S Honors Program inviting them to participate in Honors. Being in the Arts & Sciences Honors Program qualifies you to join the A&S Honors RAP; a separate Honors RAP qualification is not required. Honors-qualified students are not guaranteed a space in the Honors RAP. Housing applications and assignments are a product of the Housing Office. Applications are processed per the process described on Housing's website.

For more information about the Smith Hall living experience and classes, visit the Honors RAP website.