Courses and activities focus on the Environment and Natural Sciences. This program is ideal for students who see the importance of scientific awareness in their daily lives and career paths. Our RAP inspires students to connect with nature and see the intrinsic value of the natural world.  Intellectual development in environmental issues, health sciences, wildlife biology, sustainability and stewardship are emphasized. Our RAP generates a sense of belonging among its students through the intertwined efforts of the RAP director, the RAP coordinator, RAP student coordinators, and RAP faculty. Our programming encourages active lifestyles, promotes professional development, and inspires intellectual curiosity about the environment. Students often state how much they value our co-curricular offerings, which include weekly coffee hours, monthly environmental film series, outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and yoga, guest speakers, and holiday special events. Trusting and long-term relationships between RAP faculty, administration, and students are established because of extensive, daily interactions both in and out of the classroom.