Antennas, Satellite Dishes and Cable

All apartments have television cable outlets. Residents of Graduate & Family Housing are not permitted to attach exterior radio or television antennas, or satellite dishes of any type. No alteration to cable television outlets or wiring is allowed. Residents are held responsible for charges if additional cable services and/or repairs are requested. If your cable connection isn’t working, please call Comcast directly at 1-855-307-4896.


Large appliances are only allowed in apartments that have hookups to accommodate them. Washing machines are allowed in apartments with washer hookups. Dryers are not allowed. Dishwashers are only allowed in apartments that have their own water heater. Air conditioners are allowed in the apartments, however, residents are responsible for installing the unit and any damage that may occur as a result of the installation or use of the air conditioner. Please view the AY 2021-22 Graduate and Family Housing Handbook for more information. Space heaters and additional refrigerators or freezers are also not permitted.


The possession, use, sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs, including marijuana and drug paraphernalia (pipes, rolling papers, bongs, etc.), are not permitted in Graduate & Family Housing. They are violations to state laws, university policy and your lease agreement. If violations are found, disciplinary action will be taken according to the Student Code of Conduct found in the pamphlet with the website to the University of Colorado Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Standards of Conduct.


Internet service is provided through Comcast. Once you move in you will need to go to Comcast to receive your wireless router/modem. If you have problems with your internet service please contact Comcast at 1-855-307-4896


Boulder fire prevention ordinances and family housing policy prohibit the manufacture, sale, use and possession of all fireworks (including sparklers) anywhere within city limits and all of Graduate & Family Housing.


  • NO  grills of any kind are allowed in Graduate & Family Housing.

Firearms and Weapons

Firearms, explosives, ammunition and dangerous weapons/materials are not permitted anywhere in Graduate & Family Housing. Colorado law defines a dangerous weapon as an instrument that is designed to, or likely to, produce bodily harm. Weapons may include, but are not limited to, BB guns, paint-pellet guns, starter pistols, blow-dart guns, slingshots, martial arts devices, bowie knives, daggers or similar knives (blades over 3 1/2” in length), or switch blades.

Weapons used for sporting purposes may be stored with the security section of the university police. However, before bringing any weapons to campus, call CUPD at 303-492-6666 to determine what kinds of weapons may be stored and the procedure for storing them. Residents who violate this policy are subject to severe disciplinary action, including lease termination and/or expulsion from the university.


Except for service and therapy animals (such as guide dogs), no pets or animals may be brought into Graduate & Family Housing. (Documentation of need for service/therapy pet required.) Exception: Fish are permitted in an aquarium not to exceed 30 gallons in volume. Amphibious creatures, reptiles (including lizards and snakes), or fish that are dangerous or harmful to humans, are not allowed. Pets are allowed in expansion units with some restriction. Call the office for details. Guests are also not allowed to bring pets into Graduate & Family Housing.

Smoking Policy

The University of Colorado, including Graduate & Family Housing, is a smoke-free campus. This means that no one is allowed to smoke in any apartment, including guests. Also, smoking is not allowed in hallways, balconies, lobbies, building entrances, parking lots, playgrounds or green spaces. Residents who smoke on graduate and family housing property will receive a warning letter for their first violation. A resident who receives a second letter will be put on probation. If residents are sent a third letter, their lease will be terminated