Published: March 19, 2021

Bear CreekBear Creek closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 7. Those without a summer contract should make plans to vacate their apartments by this time. 

In support of your academic success, 24/7 quiet hours will begin at 10 p.m. on Thursday April 30 (the last day of classes). During this time, we encourage you to be more mindful of the volume of your voices and other sounds in your spaces (video games, music, etc.) so that everyone has a quiet environment to rest and prepare for finals. 

Your CEL will be scheduling a mandatory floor meeting to discuss the check out process and expectations. Your floor meeting will be held before April 17th. For exact time, please contact your CEL. 

Before you leave for summer, you will need to do the following: 

Step 1: Schedule a move-out appointment 

Between April 1 and April 22, schedule a move-out appointment through your MyCULiving portal. Start thinking about plans for your move out now so that you are prepared. 

Step 2: Clean your apartment and prepare for your departure

  • Pack all of your belongings to ensure that you leave nothing behind. 
  • Clean your room, including the outside of your room door, the inside of your refrigerator, and sweeping the floors. Limited cleaning supplies are available for check-out from the Bear Creek office.  
  • Return furniture to its original configuration. 
  • Dispose of all recycling and trash in the appropriate outdoor receptacles. 

Step 3: Make arrangements for your personal belongings

When you check out, you should not plan to leave any belongings behind. Here are some helpful tips and opportunities for how to manage your items:

  • If you are traveling home throughout April, consider taking unused items with you. 
  • Summer storage, and shipping options are available through local vendors. Vendors are not permitted to enter your residence hall, but many will meet you on-campus to pick up items. Learn more about UPS Store storage and shipping
  • Starting on April 23, donation locations will be available across campus to collect unopened non-perishable foods, unwanted books and school supplies, and unused toiletries, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies. 
  • Contact the Environmental Center to donate your bike, or to place it in storage on campus for the summer. 

Step 4: Complete a COVID-19 monitoring appointment 

All students are required to take a monitoring appointment 2-3 days prior to leaving campus. It is important that we do our part as Buffs to keep our communities safe. Students that have been fully vaccinated do not need to complete a monitoring appointment before departure. 

Step 5: Return items 

  • Return your mailbox key to your assigned UPS Store location. 
  • Return or sell-back your textbooks. 

Step 6: Complete a room walkthrough with a CEL

  • At the time of your scheduled move-out appointment, proceed to the Bear Creek office. A staff member will accompany you to your room to verify the removal of all personal belongings and to check cleanliness of the space. 

Step 7: Check out

  • After a staff member has checked your room, return to the office to complete the checkout process and have access removed from your Buff OneCard.