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Recommended computers 

Certain types of computers perform better on our university's network, for all your technology shopping needs and to discover what computer will suit you best for your time here on campus, we've put together a shopping list for you to base your decision. 

Software discounts for students

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools is FREE to students. Download desktop and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It also includes OneDrive, Sharepoint and Office 365 Stream. In addition, ss a student at CU Boulder, you will be eligible to recieve other software programs at no extra cost. For more information and a list of available softwares, visit our software downloads and licensing page. 


Learn how to print or scan your documents using the Wepa Print App. Wepa allows you to upload documents to their cloud based server in a number of convenient methods to print. For more information visit our how-to printing guide. Wondering where to print? Visit our printer locations map.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the residence halls and each room as an active wired jack. More jacks can be requested by contacting the IT Service Center. Wi-Fi access points and routers are not allowed on the campus Wi-Fi service. Devices that use multi-casting or need to talk to other devices over Wi-Fi may not work on the network.. Reference the table below to see devices that are compatible on the network.

Technology tips and recommended devices

Device Effectiveness
Amazon Fire Limited to video streaming on campus Wi-Fi
Apple TV Unable to screencast or mirror
Gaming devices Works best plugged into ResNet
Blu Rays No problems reported
Roku No problems reported
Google Chromecast Not compatible, won't work on campus Wi-Fi
Sonos speakers Not compatible, won't work on campus Wi-Fi
  1. We recommend bringing a laptop computer with a dual-band wireless card (2.4 or 5 GHz). Most newer Macs should be fine but some PCs (even new ones) have old Wi-Fi components. If you’re still shopping, take a look at the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) suggestions.
  2. If you’re bringing a gaming system and it has an Ethernet port, bring an Ethernet cable with you (make sure it’s category e5 or better). Connecting directly to ResNet will provide you with the best online gaming experience.
  3. Know what works best on campus Wi-Fi. Some devices are more compatible than others.
  4. All residence halls and Bear Creek are equipped with Wi-Fi access via the campus network. No personally installed Wi-Fi access points or routers are allowed to be connected to the campus network. Some equipment (like wireless printers) act as unintended routers. When they’re on, they create a lot of “wireless noise” making the Wi-Fi experience for you and your neighbors much slower. Turning Wi-Fi off when not in use makes for better computing and is a more sustainable practice.
  5. When you have any kind of networking issue, please let the Office of Information Technology (OIT) know. They want to help you!


  • As a CU Boulder student, you have access to FREE tech support
    • Stop by any of the three Buff Tech locations in CASE, Norlin Commons and Stearns Center
    • Contact the IT Service Center via phone 303-735-4357 or email:, Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Extended weekend and evening hours occur during peak seasons.
    • Visit the OIT website for step-by-step tutorials and help documentation