Published: Aug. 14, 2020

Diversity is more than just a buzzword from admission materials in college. It's also a host of lessons, experiences and perspectives to be had while you're in a unique settling like a college campus

To prove it, take a peek at what good can come from diversity in culture, if you embrace it:

  • By interacting with people who have had different life experiences, privileges or outlooks than you, you are strengthening your social development skills and the way you're able to relate or build connections with others.

  • Whether you plan on becoming an astronaut or an accountant, you're sure to encounter different people and settings along your way. Experiencing other cultures through organizations or study groups in college will broaden your global and creative mindset for the life events that await you.

  • Getting to know the backgrounds of other races, religions and sexual orientations can enlighten you on your opinions, values and decisions as a student, a professional and a person.

For a brief period of time, you are interacting with other students daily in a cultural melting pot. Use your time in college to get outside of yourself and become a more global thinker!

At CU Boulder, we strive to ensure that our communities are inclusive of all people. We ask that all community members: 

  • Honor the differences of all people

  • Respect ideas and differences of opinions

  • Challenge beliefs and assumptions

  • Engage in meaningful dialogues 

Inclusive Community is valued and contributes to the positive atmosphere.