The following courses are preapproved to count towards the LGBTQ Certificate program requirements, and have been offered in the past 2 years. Other courses may also be included with approval from the LGBTQ Program directors. Email with any questions.

LGBT 2000/WGST 2030 Introduction to LGBT Studies (required)
LGBT 4400 Critical Inquiries in Transgender Studies
LGBT/ENGL 2707 Introduction to LGBT Literature
LGBT/ENGL 3796 Queer Theory (required)
ANTH 3180 Gender, Culture, and Sexuality
ARAB 3410 Gender, Sexuality and Culture in the Modern Middle East
ASIA 3300 Sex & Gender in Asian Film & Literature
CLAS/WGST 2110 Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Rome
CLAS/WGST 2100 Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece
EDUC 4301 Queering topics in Education
EDUC 4325 Queering Literacy in Secondary Classrooms
ETHN 3101 Topics in Ethnic Studies: Queer/Trans of Color Critiques
HEBR/JWST 3202 Women, Gender & Sexuality in Jewish Texts & Traditions
HIST 2326 Topics: US Society & Culture: Queer US History 1890-2010
HIST 4626 History of Gender and Sexuality in the US from 1870
LING 2400 Language, Gender & Sexuality
MDST/WGST 4331  Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality in Popular Culture 
PSCI/WGST 3174 Sex, Power, and Politics: U.S. Perspectives
PSCI 3301 /WGST 3300 Gender, Sexuality, and U.S. Law 
PSCI/WGST 3311 Gender and U.S. Politics: Protest, Polls and Policy
SOCY/WGST 1006 Social Construction of Sexuality
THTR 4049 Performing Queer Voices - This topic only
WGST 2020 Femininities/Masculinities/Alternatives
WGST 2050 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture
WGST 2700 Psychology of Gender & Sexuality
WGST 3510 Gender, Sexuality and Global Health
WGST 3520 Gender & Sexuality in Africa
WGST 3600 Latina/X Studies
WGST 3767 Feminist Fictions
WGST 4300 Sex, Power, Politics: International Perspectives
WGST 4620 Global History of Sexuality: The Modern Era
WRTG 3020 Topics in Writing: Gender, Sexuality & New Media