Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) studies at CU Boulder is an interdisciplinary program encompassing more than 20 courses in a dozen departments. LGBTQ studies involves the academic investigation of sexuality in established fields such as literature, history, theatre, law, medicine, economics, sociology, anthropology, political science and the arts. With its interdisciplinary approach, LGBTQ studies interweaves complex theories and analysis into the study of sexuality and gender. Through the certificate program and the guidance of faculty advisors, students are given an opportunity to integrate a wide variety of courses offered in the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of societies and cultures and to relate that understanding to lived experience.

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The LGBTQ Studies Certificate is open to any CU Boulder undergraduate and requires the completion of the following course requirements (listed below). Nondegree students must be admitted through Continuing Education to pursue the certificate. Semester course registration for nondegree students is on a space-available basis through Continuing Education’s ACCESS program.

cu prideRequirements

To receive the Certificate in LGBTQ Studies, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 18 credit hours of acceptable course work from the certificate program list
  • 9 credit hours must be upper division
  • Students must receive a C- or better in the accepted courses
  • No pass/fail credits will count toward the requirements of the program*
    (*approved courses taken in spring 2020, with a grade of P or P+ earned, may count toward certificate requirements)


Required courses:

  • LGBT 2000 – Introduction to LGBT Studies
  • LGBT 3796 – Queer Theory

Elective courses:

  • Elective courses are listed each semester under the “courses” tab
  • Students need a total of 12 hours of elective courses, with at least 6 hours of upper division electives
  • See current list of pre-approved electives. Currently Approved Courses for the LGBTQ Certificate Program
  • Other courses may be considered for approval by a program director. Email lgbtq@colorado.edu for more information

*Up to six credit hours of independent study may be applied toward the certificate program

*Credits earned at other institutions may be transferred in partial fulfillment of the requirements upon approval of a program director. No more than 12 credit hours (6 upper division) of transferred course work may be applied to the certificate


Students may have the opportunity to participate in supervised internships at university program and advocacy groups, local businesses, human service or government agencies. Internships will focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer issues, such as anti-violence programs, educational outreach, and civil rights initiatives. To register for the internship class, please fill out the A&S internship application: http://www.colorado.edu/advising/policies-procedures/forms-petitions. Email form to lgbtq@colorado.edu.

Independent Study:

Self-directed research project in LGBTQ studies supervised by a faculty member and approved by one of the co-directors of the LGBTQ Studies Certificate Program

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