An internship in LGBTQ Studies offers students the opportunity to engage with and contribute to organizations who focus on LGBTQ issues, work, and advocacy outside of a classroom. It encourages both scholarship and community involvement, as students work with a faculty sponsor to determine an analytical and evaluative portfolio of their work experience.

Any CU Boulder undergraduate student with a 2.0 GPA and 30 hours of credit may apply for LGBTQ Studies Internships. Preference will be given to students enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate in LGBTQ Studies. Please note that you must be enrolled at CU Boulder the semester that the internship takes place.

*NEW* Department-Sponsored Paid Internship Opportunity provided by the generous support of the Thomas R. Stephens Support Fund

Apply for Available Internships (DUE October 18th):

Interested in interning with other organizations? Follow the process below:

Find an Internship Site:

Find your own internship:

The majority of your internship work should be LGBTQ-related. However, the organization itself might not be LGBTQ-focused. For example, you might intern at a school to develop an initiative for LGBTQ teens or you might intern for a local congress member looking to outreach to LGBTQ constituents. You might intern at a theater company producing a play that engages with LGBTQ themes. If you need help finding an eligible internship, email

Meet with site supervisor to establish weekly schedule and time commitment: 

  1.  We recommend sharing with your site supervisor the Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form, so your supervisor is clear on what is expected of them and of you by the end of the semester.
  2. As a reminder, students must work a minimum of 40 hours for each hour of academic credit.

 Find a faculty sponsor from the LGBTQ Studies affiliate faculty:   

  1. Search for faculty whose research aligns with your internship interests and/or a faculty member whose class you’ve taken. 
  2. Contact LGBTQ Program Directors Emmanuel David and Kristie Soares for help finding a faculty sponsor, if you need guidance.

 Work with faculty sponsor to determine semester check points and final portfolio materials to be submitted for a grade:

  1. Typically, students are required to maintain weekly time sheets, produce monthly reports, create a portfolio, and write a summary essay based on their internship experience that contextualizes their work in a larger historical and sociological perspective.
  2. Please note that completion of these assignments the student submits to the faculty sponsor does not count toward the internship credit hours.

Complete Internship Application forms and submit to LGBTQ Studies:

  1. Fill out Credit Internship Application form with the faculty sponsor and list assignments you will complete and the due dates. 
  2. Obtain signature of Internship site supervisor for the form.
  3. Submit Credit Internship Application to for LGBTQ Studies Director’s signature. 
  4. LGBTQ Studies will register you for the internship.