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Course Number Course Title Semester Time Instructor
PSCI 3301
Contemporary and historic overview of U.S. courts' treatment of sex and gender. Using the case method, examines policy issues including, but not limited to: same sex marriage and civil unions; privacy; affirmative action; abortion; reproductive technologies; and discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation in education and in the workplace.
A 11-12:35 Williams
LING 2400
Familiarizes students with the effects of gender and sexuality on language use; discusses popular beliefs and scholarly theories about language and communication. Provides students with tools for exploring the role of language and gender.
A 9:15-10:50 Avelar
MDST 4331
Studies the construction, interconnections, and replications of gender, race, class, and sexuality in popular culture and how these constructs become cultural norms and mores. Uses critical methods with a focus on producing responsible viewers and readers.
A 11-12:35 McLean
SOCY 1006
Discusses the social determinants of sexuality. Analyzes the economic, psychological, and cultural influences on human sexuality. Interactional perspective of human sexuality is presented. Same as WGST 1006.
A 2:30-4:05 Brown
ETHN 4106-201
This course interrogates the relationship of gender, race, and sexuality to power dynamics in US society. Students will be exposed to these social constructions and their relationship to colonialism and heteropatriarchy.
B 11-12:35 Grant

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