The mission of the Learning Design Group is to enable faculty and instructors in maximizing student learning by providing superior instructional design support using current ed-tech practices and leading-edge applications

Maximize Student Learning

The LDG team works with instructors to help them create quality courses with a focus on the student experience.

Instructional Design Support

The course design process uses the Quality Matter standards as a starting point and then goes beyond by incorporating instructor presence and active participation.

Current Ed-Tech Practices

The Instructional Designers of the LDG team stay current on ed-tech trends and best practices and work with instructors to incorporate those practices into the online and hybrid courses.

Leading-edge Applications

Technology changes rapidly and the LDG team encourages instructors to incorporate leading-edge applications in their courses, when those applications enhance the learning experience.

LDG Instructional Design Team


Debra Warren

Manager LDG Instructional Design Team
Instructional Designer, native Coloradan, aspiring photographer, and learning/tech geek, I have over 11 years of experience working in Higher Education Technology and experience in the education and training fields. I enjoy spending time outside gardening, taking photographs and traveling to interesting often overlooked places with my husband and my dog.


Tomas Bartulec

Senior Instructional Designer
I was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and after finishing my Engineering degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague, I moved to the States and began my career in Higher Education. For over 15 years, I have worked for large state universities, a community college and a private college. When working with faculty I always advise them to write a robust syllabus that describes their classes in detail and establishes clear expectations between the instructor and the students. In my free time, I like to bike, hike, and spend time with my wife and three active boys.

Diana Montealegre Beltran

Diana Montealegre

Instructional Designer

I was born and raised in Colombia, where you can have the best coffee by the Caribbean Sea. I moved here back in 2011 and I’ve lived in Colorado since then with my husband and our two active boys. My background comes from being an Instructional Designer and Web Accessibility Specialist with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate on Information Accessibility Design and Policy. I enjoy working with different people from different backgrounds, learning and teaching styles. My goal is to help faculty develop a rich curriculum for their courses, as robust as face-to-face courses, with emphasis on student success and professional growth.

Becky Rex

Becky Rex

Instructional Designer
I started my work in Instructional Design in Denver, CO in 2009 and have since worked at a variety of higher education institutions in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Maine before returning to Colorado in 2019. I enjoy the collaborative aspect of this work: sharing ideas with faculty and constantly assessing what makes online education engaging and a quality experience for students. My interests in curriculum development lay in using narrative teaching as a means of conveying information. 

I share life with my son, my cat Sparrow, and am happy to be back amongst family, friends, and sunshine in Colorado, after romping around the Pacific Northwest and New England for a few years. I am also a cellist, archer, and love rowing.

Donna Hall

Donna Hall

Instructional Designer
I am an Instructional Designer with fifteen years' experience in higher education collaborating with subject matter experts and faculty to design and implement innovative online, hybrid and face-2-face courses. I am also an experienced problem solver of technical issues for all levels of students, faculty, and staff. I am a foodie, so I like to discover new restaurants and cuisines in my free time.