At CU Boulder, instructors have the unique opportunity to become proficient in subject matter to complete a degree requirement, act as a stand-alone credential, or to meet an employer requirement. While traditional degrees and certifications cover a wider scope of academic study, micro-credentials provide a way to recognize and document the fulfillment of a more focused skillset. 

The Micro-Credential Program, managed by CU’s Registrar’s Office offered through Credly, provides instructors with digital badges after successful completion of courses. These badges serve as recognition of acquired skills, and because they are digital, can be shared and displayed by instructors however they would like. 

For more information about micro-credentials, please visit the Registrar’s Office at this link: Registrar’s Office. To explore the assortment of courses offered by CU, please visit Credly’s website here: CU Boulder- Administered Courses

The Learning Design Group also offers a variety of micro-credential courses for CU Boulder faculty. These courses provide instructors opportunities to enhance or acquire specific skills and competencies surrounding course design. Upon successful completion of micro-credentials, instructors will earn badges that allow their achievements to be recognized.

If you are interested in improving or expanding your skillset, please take a look at the courses we have to offer!