Published: April 16, 2024
David Adelman discusses leadership with Dr. Stefanie Johnson On April 12, 2024, students gathered at the Leeds School of Business to attend an enriching event featuring David J. Adelman, a prominent entrepreneur and investor based in Philadelphia. The event, moderated by Dr. Stefanie Johnson, promised to provide valuable insights into leadership and entrepreneurship from Adelman's illustrious career.
Adelman shared his journey, marked by his multifaceted roles as the CEO of Campus Apartments, co-founder of FS Investments, and a partner in professional sports teams, which captivated the audience. Throughout the conversation, Adelman emphasized the importance of humility as a key aspect of true leadership. He believes that good leaders recognize their limitations and empower those around them.
Reflecting on his entrepreneurial spirit, Adelman highlighted the significance of confidence tempered with a willingness to delegate. He stressed the essence of listening, asking questions, and embracing the unknown, epitomizing the mantra that learning is a lifelong journey.
The discussion delved into Adelman's experiences, including his candid admission of past mistakes. Recounting a pivotal moment where ego clouded judgment, Adelman underscored the importance of self-awareness and reflection in navigating the business landscape. His advice resonated profoundly: "You get one reputation in your life."
Students from diverse perspectives asked candid questions to Adelman. Adelman's responses resonated with authenticity and wisdom, encouraging the audience to embrace innovation and resilience.
Group of CU Boulder students pose with David AdelmanAddressing queries on philanthropy, mentorship, and personal motivation, Adelman's responses exuded a sense of purpose and commitment to community engagement. He emphasized the value of building meaningful relationships, giving back, and staying true to one's principles, even in the face of adversity.
As the event concluded, attendees departed with expanded perspectives on leadership, entrepreneurship, and the power of perseverance. Adelman's narrative served as a beacon of inspiration, igniting a spark of curiosity and ambition in all who had the privilege of witnessing his insights.
This event was sponsored by the Center for Leadership whose mission is to support, connect, and elevate leadership programs, resources, and research across the university.