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Spring Leadership Summit audience viewThe future of leadership was the topic of conversation at the Center for Leadership’s 2024 Spring Summit on March 4. The hundred-plus people who attended the event had the opportunity to hear about upcoming events suggest recommendations for future Leo Hill Speaker series. However, the event's prime focus and attention was towards the 2023-2024 Student Leaders of the Year.

The sixteen student leaders were each honored by receiving their awards from Stefanie Johnson, Director of the Center for Leadership. Their engagement in campus leadership programs, academic excellence, curiosity, exceptional service to the community – whether on campus or within the Boulder metro area – outstanding personal character and resilience, and their embodiment of the principles outlined in the Colorado Creed are all reasons these students were honored with the recognition of Student Leader of the Year.

Following the award recognition 7 student leaders’, Samantha Lipka, Emily Peden, Rumi Natanzi, Angela Peña de Niz, Rain Michael, Jack Varsames and Colin Hayes, spoke as panel members on the discussion of the future of leadership. Their diverse experiences and perspectives as student leaders offered the audience valuable insights into the potential trajectories of leadership dynamics in the upcoming years.

Student Leaders of the Year speaking on a panel at the Spring Leadership SummitWe offer our sincerest congratulations to Sydney Armstrong, Veronica Estrada, Meghan Fall, Kaela Gero, Colin Hayes, Samantha Lipka, Rain Michael, Rumi Natanzi, Ben O’Meara, Angela Peña de Niz, Emily Peden, Bianca Rubini-Tapernoux, Adriona Salgado, Percy Smith, Jack Varsames and Nicole Woods their outstanding achievements and contributions as leaders to both their communities and CU Boulder.

If you couldn't attend the Spring Summit but are eager to listen to our Student Leaders of the Year, you'll have the chance to hear a panel featuring them at the Conference on World Affairs, on Wednesday, April 10th at 3 p.m. in Macky Auditorium.