This virtual installment of ART, ACTIVISM, AND THE ENGAGED HUMANITIES explores the theme "More than words." Curated by Donna Mejia (Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance Department and Inaugural Chancellor's Scholar in Residence at the CU Boulder Renee Crown Wellness Institute), this short film program features visual and performing artists who use multiple formats of communication to expand beyond words in their activism and public works. The program explores what is conveyed, transmitted, and exchanged through art when words may not be enough, or can be augmented by non-verbal intelligence with the same precision as the written word. The program encourages viewers to pay close attention to how the humanities are being engaged and how social justice themes comes alive in these short films, as well as how you are being deeply moved, activiated, and/or expotentially dimensionalized by the expressive arts.

Curator: Donna Mejia

Video Producer: Musa Starseed

Film Artists:     Jasmine Baetz

                       Gabriella Mejia

                       Jason Shoemaker

                       Aidan Ruth

                       Caroline Butcher

                       Rachel Leonovich

                       Dani Wasserman

                       Ronan Clark

                       Donna Mejia