LORI Lori Emerson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Director of the Media Archaeology Lab. She writes about media poetics (visual, material, tactile, interactive literature from the 20th and 21st centuries) as well as the history of computing, media archaeology, media theory, and digital humanities. She recently wrote Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound (University of Minnesota Press, June 2014). She is also co-editor of three collections: The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media, with Marie-Laure Ryan and Benjamin Robertson (2014); Writing Surfaces: The Selected Fiction of John Riddell, with Derek Beaulieu (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2013); and The Alphabet Game: a bpNichol Reader, with Darren Wershler (Coach House Books 2007).

MARK Mark Amerika’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues such as the Whitney Biennial of American Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, and the Walker Art Center. In 2009-2010, The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece, hosted Amerika’s comprehensive retrospective exhibition entitled UNREALTIME. In 2009, Amerika released Immobilité, generally considered the first feature-length art film ever shot on a mobile phone. He is the author of many books including remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, 2011 -- remixthebook.com) and his collection of artist writings entitled META/DATA: A Digital Poetics (The MIT Press, 2007). His latest art work, Museum of Glitch Aesthetics [glitchmuseum.com], was commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics. The project was recently remixed for his survey exhibition, Glitch. Click. Thunk, at the University Art Galleries at the University of Hawaii. Amerika is a Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In Fall 2013, he was the Labex-H2H International Research Chair at the University of Paris 8. More information can found at his website, markamerika.com and at his twitter feed @markamerika

ZAK  Graduate Researcher Zak Loyd is a multimedia artist and IMAP Digital graduate student at the University of Colorado. His work has been featured on Rhizome, at the Austin Museum of Digital art, and various galleries in Texas, Colorado, and New York. In 2009, Zak co-founded the VJ collective “Vidkidz” with his partner Melanie Clemmons. Zak’s most recent work explores layered amalgamations of new and archaic technology to produce formalist net art and video.

MEL Melanie Clemmons is a MFA candidate at the University of Colorado at Boulder's IMAP (Integrated Media Arts Practices) program. Melanie is a practicing net artist and her recent works, including dprkvacation.com and strip-club-girls.com, explore and combine the fantastical with non-fiction themes. She also collaborates with Zak Loyd on their VJ collective known as "Vidkidz" creating live visuals and installations for various genres of music and performance. Her work has been exhibited in art galleries and DIY spaces across New York, Austin, and Denver/Boulder. She is artist-in-residence at the Media Archaeology Lab and her work can be found online at melanieclemmons.com.